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BigCondo.com is a resource for finding and locating the right condo in Miami and surrounding areas of South Florida. All condo buildings in South Florida are included on this website, from the old to the latest new buildings that are being built today. Whether you are researching or comparing a potential investment opportunity, you will find our comparative charts and tools to make the process of finding a condo in Miami easier. The usage of these tools are free for any buyer, seller, and realtor.

While we know that the process of determining value differs by individual, we have packed this website with a variety of easy to follow tools to make the process of buying or selling your real estate asset in Miami a much simpler one. For example, Our Investor Wise Ranking™ tool helps you see the price $/sqft comparison in each community and quickly and easily helps you identify values in an area. Investor Wise Seeker™ hunts and finds the best possible opportunity for where there are gaps in the pricing of a condo based on a number of factors. Even if you are not ready to buy today, take advantage of our Real Time Notification system that will alert you the minute a condo pops and hits the market. BC Real Time Seeker™ will alert you on various methods to instantly notify you of such opportunities as they hit the market, from the traditional e-mail notifications to Instant SMS or Social Media Alerts.

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a realtor, seller or an experienced seasoned investor bigcondo core mission is to make the process your acquisition of real estate in our market a more successful one. We welcome any suggestions or opportunities to improve these core tools on our website to help you in the entire process.